September Daily Observances

For whatever reason, I like silly daily observances. They give me excuses to do fun and unexpected things with the kids. Here are some of my favorites for this month. This is not a complete list, these are just the days I like best. ☺

September 1
● National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

September 2
● National Lazy Mom’s Day

September 4
● Oatmeal Day (Sept.4-5)

September 5
● “Be Late for Something Day”
● Labor Day

September 7
● Neither Snow nor Rain Day
● Salami Day

September 8
● International Literacy Day

September 9
● Wonderful Weirdoes Day

September 10
● Swap Ideas Day

September 11
● Grandparents Day

September 12
● National Boss/Employee Exchange Day
● Video Games Day

September 13
● International Chocolate Day

September 15
● Felt Hat Day

September 17
● Big Whopper Liar Day
● International Eat an Apple Day

September 18
● Air Force Birthday
● National Respect Day
● Wife Appreciation Day

September 19
● Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 22
● Elephant Appreciation Day
● National White Chocolate Day

September 23
● Love Note Day

September 26
● Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Kids
● Johnny Appleseed Day
● World Heart Day

September 28
● National Good Neighbor Day

September 29
● National Coffee Day

September 30
● Ask a Stupid Question Day


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