Monthly Archives: January 2012


It’s the middle of January and I have yet to update on my December resolutions or post my January resolutions. The truth is, I sat down many times to quickly jot a note on how things went for December, but for one reason or another, I never actually posted.

My December resolution was focused on my family. On paper, it looked like an easy feat, but in reality it’s much more complicated. The task was/is to not let little things cause tension in relationships, and to intentionally touch base with immediate family members once a week. Since I didn’t visit with any of my family in December, keeping away from tension was easy. The part I’m having difficulty with is keeping in touch with everyone. There are only six people on my list to touch base with. All in all, I feel as though I have been doing good. However, there are a couple of family members who I haven’t done so well with.

How do you communicate with someone who is seemingly unreachable? In today’s culture, there are many ways to contact people. How is it that even with all of our resources, I am still unable to get in touch with someone? I call…no answer. I text…no response. I leave a message on facebook…nothing. Does it count as touching base if they never respond? How do I know they received the message? I’m making an effort, but does it count if they aren’t aware of it? I’ve processed all of these things. I’ve considered mailing a note…you know, snail mail. After thinking things through, I decided that I will continue sending small notes just to let them know I am thinking of them. It’s the thought that counts, right?? People are so busy running here and there and trying to fit everything in and trying to please everyone, that they some times miss the little things. Like a simple note from their big sister, just saying “Hey, I’m thinking of you. Love you. Hope all is well.” So I will continue to hunt down my little brother.

Aside from my brother, who is apparently MIA, I have neglected one other family member. Not because I haven’t been able to get in touch with her. There actually is no reason, outside of a nearly twenty year age gap, but I have never found the right time to call her nor could I figure out what I would say exactly. This does not excuse the fact that I have left her out, so I will be making an effort to jot short notes and let her know that she is loved.

Friends will come and go, but your family is yours for a life time. I don’t want to lose those family ties.

Here is a song in honor of my brother…